Step inside this tiny home on wheels. The luxurious, oversized bathroom is the highlight

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Sometimes, it’s the heart and sweat that makes a dream home, not the size.

Homebuilder Patrick Romero is putting boring two-story homes to shame with his newest miniature home on wheels. It’s complete with a bedroom loft, a beautiful kitchen, and a bathroom that rivals those of full-size homes.

Romero and his wife, Sarah, live in Sandy, Utah, and set out to build a gorgeous and functional home that could also move along with them.

The house itself is no bigger than a food truck, but it’s truly remarkable what the Romeros were able to do with the space.

Several commenters have been blown away by the final project, no doubt stirring a few feelings of envy. The bedroom loft is able to sit two beds next to each other or one larger bed for more space, and the sitting area is cozy and useful.

Their trick? Limited items and white walls. The space feels much bigger with the natural skylights, too. Sunlight pours into the home and makes it seems as if the home expands once you step inside.

The kitchen is small, with a humble stove and little counter space. Miniature homes are all about function, though, and even this small kitchen is more than capable.

But it’s the bathroom that has had several people stirring. The Romeros opted to carve out extra room for it, eschewing ample sitting room space in favor of a more luxurious bathroom. It sure seems like that idea paid off in a big way, as evidenced by the photos.

The shower appears to be heated with a small heater underneath the floor, and there is plenty of room to step in and out comfortably. The large, extended windows grab the outside sun to brighten things, and little touches like extra hooks for clothes and a small bench make it feel extraordinarily thoughtful.

“Patrick Romero, take a victory lap,” gushed a commenter after viewing the photos on Tiny House Swoon. “Just amazing. Thank you for setting the bar higher.”

“Blown away by the detailing,” offered another. “The bathroom is beyond wonderful. Assume there’s a fridge under the counter. Absolutely beautiful job,” they said, noting the ingenuity to maximize space by stacking items instead of laying them side by side.

“Patrick Romero has a stellar design eye,” stated a third. I really like the idea of a generous bathroom that doubles as a dressing room/primary closet space. Tons of natural light supplemented by tons of accent lighting (in the bath closet, above the kitchen sink, in the nook, along the bulkheads, etc). Super,” they said.

Tiny homes are slowly catching on, in large part due to their minimalistic functionality and the ability to take them anywhere. With impeccable designers like Romero crafting homes like this, the trend might just be beginning.

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